Todoist Todo

Todoist is a robust app that is also available on all platforms, supports sub-projects, uses natural language, integrates with third-party apps, and uses goals to track progress. At work, we use office365/teams so I figured Microsoft Todo would be a natural fit, but I found it to be nearly unusable for anything beyond a checklist. Today, Todoist announces the release of a new set of to-do list applications for Windows and Mac computers which increases its total number available platforms to nine. In Canada, Todoist. This awesome todo list and task list application, gets more awesome as the developers have just introduced Todoist Next project. – [Scott] Google Tasks, Google’s version of a to-do list app and today’s video, I’m gonna show you what it is, where to find it and I also wanna highlight. Used by millions worldwide. Premium download - Todoist 2. Use Todoist on your Apple Watch. Todoist isn't the most powerful to do list out there.